Baby Shoe Bonanza!

Oh my… what is cuter than a pair of crochet baby shoes? Anything? I love the many, many patterns that are out there to choose from. I’ve posted this picture which showcases just SOME of the shoes I’ve made – mostly baby but I did try a pair of flip flops for myself (bottom right). I’ve made both girls and boys shoes although more girl because there’s just not that many boy patterns out there (and that I actually like!).


By far my most favorite place for patterns is Whistle & Ivy. Her patterns are awesome! Easy to follow and they make sense (at least to me!) In fact, on 99% of my other baby shoe patterns I start out with her sole pattern and adapt other patterns to fit. For example, this is how I created my flip flops (#s 1, 2, 3 & 4 in photo) using her sole pattern and a modified version of the Chubby Baby Flip Flops pattern from Bizzy Crochet. The Mary Janes in the middle (#12) are from Whistle & Ivy, as well as the red and white flip flops (#11) although I added the stars. 🙂

Other great places I have utilized crochet shoe patterns from are:

  • Crochet Dreamz (The boys Trekkers – #5)
  • Chelsie Brady (The Suzy Sandal – #6 & #7)
  • Two Girls Patterns (Seaside Sandals – #8, #9 & #10) Another favorite site of mine!
  • Hodgepodge Crochet (The Cowboy Boots – #13 & #14)
  • Newborn Knots (The Fur Trimmed Baby Bootie – #16)
  • Repeat Crafter Me (The Rain Boots – #15)
  • RAKJ Patterns (The Crocodile Stitch Sandals – #17) This pattern is by Kristi Simpson. Unfortunately, all my attempts to link to her sites – Facebook and web – have been unsuccessful. Sorry!

I hope you like my crochet work and find my links useful in your own search to create cuteness!

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me.





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