Newborn Angel Wings & Halo

Ooooohhhh my gosh I think I just made the most beautiful, the most precious, crochet newborn set ever! ❤ ❤ ❤  I forget what I was looking for but when I ran across the pattern for these angel wings and halo my heart just melted. I had to make it!


And the pattern was free! It is by Briana Olsen and I found it here, on Ravelry.  I had a little trouble with the wings at first, understanding the transition from Round 7 to Row 1 but after a few mistaken rounds and lots of frogging it finally became clear. (Lightbulb! Doh.)

Here are a couple more shots.




Beautiful! I’m thinking I love this little set because it reminds me of my angel babies. It also reminds me of a video I saw on YouTube of a woman (Dawn Lewis) crocheting little angel wings to put on gowns for babies that, sadly, didn’t live. She donates them to a hospital. This is such a beautiful idea! I may have to make a pile of those to donate. 😇 Here’s that video.

I’m wondering how this set would look in other colors… say maybe ivory, pale pink or blue. What do you think?


Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by!



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