Crochet Newborn Ruffle Skirt and Headband

So, a while back my mom sent me a box full of various yarns she’d picked up and thought I might use. (Yay!) A lot of it was yarn I’d never seen. Like different fun furs… some look like they have pieces of confetti on them, some have little puff balls, and then there was a skein of Starbella by Premier Yarns. It was so pretty I decided to try and make something with it first. Imagine my surprise when I pulled a length of it out and discovered it was magic! Check this out! It’s like fish net!


My next thought was…. what in the heck (and HOW) am I going to make something with this? I didn’t like the pattern on the label… I just don’t like making scarves. As I was consulting Google I learned this type of yarn is referred to as ‘shashay’. Eventually I found a cute ruffly shashay skirt that was created by Carrie Hulsey and she was offering the pattern for free on Ravelry 🙂

I, of course, did a little modification to the pattern. Mainly I didn’t just start with ‘Chain 60’. I started with a foundation SC of 60 and then joined. I made up my own headband to make it a set too.



Thanks for stopping by!



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