Crochet Virgin Mary Prayer Shawl – I’m finally finished!

Ok, so I’ve been finished with my shawl for about 20 days now… but who’s counting, right? Oh my heck what a busy summer this has been. I am so glad I was able to finish this prayer shawl for my mother (she is 85 years young).

Boy, did I not know what I was getting in to. My very first graphgan. Yes, it ended up with a few mistakes, but definitely not noticeable ones, thank God!  I saw this pattern on Ravelry and knew it’d be perfect for her since she’s a devout Catholic.

Ok, I was ready to do this. How hard could it be? Well, first of all the pattern I printed couldn’t be read because it was too dang small and blurry. So, I pulled out my graph paper and got busy shading in boxes. The Virgin Mary I think I got close to what I could tell of the original. I free-handed the roses myself 🙂


So next I opened up Microsoft Excel and started the week-long painstaking process of applying box outlines and highlighting to come up with a full usable pattern, which I printed on 11 x 14 paper. Here’s a snapshot:


Now the fun part can begin! Well, no. No it can’t. Not if you keep getting up to 12 rows finished only the realize you’re reading the pattern wrong and nothing is lining up. Nothing like frogging that many stitches 😦  Grr. So back to brainstorming on how to keep my stitches on track. Here’s what I came up with:


I marked my every 10 stitches with red yard, which I kept feeding along as I went. These red yarn matched the red lines in my pattern. Clever! This saved my butt. I really felt accomplished when I could work along and everything was turning out like it was supposed to 🙂 I added my own border and here is my finished prayer shawl. It’s roughly like 2 1/2 x 5 feet.




Thank you for stopping by and spending time with me!



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