Hooked on Granny Squares!

So, I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years now and I think I’ve mastered a few “hard” projects so far that I can say I’m proud of. Lately I’ve been getting side tracked with making Christmas presents (hats, scarves, pot holders, dish cloths, dog sweaters, cup cozies) and doing crochet projects for family members… I finally found the time to master this project that I absolutely couldn’t wait to try. Slipper boots, footies, slippers…. what ever you want to call them, I LOVE THEM! What do you think?





I love to oogle over pictures of beautiful crochet granny square blankets but was under the impression that they would be tedious and take forever to make. Now that I’ve tried a few squares (hexagons, here, actually) I can’t wait to try different patterns and colors to make more slippers AND maybe even one of those beautiful blankets!


Have a great day and stay warm!



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