Chicken Bone Broth

Recently, my 6 year old was sick with the stomach flu which she kindly shared with me. We were miserable but took comfort in cuddling with each other all day, every day, for a week. It was hard to get her to eat or drink anything. I understood though, I myself couldn’t handle the thought of anything sitting in my stomach… waiting to ‘come back to get me’ later.

So during the time we had together just chillin, my daughter watching TV, I had my smartphone out trying to find good, healthy foods to eat/drink while being sick. I came across bone broth…. which, it sounded good, but some of the recipes were calling for things like chicken feet! Really?! I am just imagining those little wrinkly clawed feet running around the chicken coop getting covered in poop… yuck!! I am shivering just writing about it!

Anyways, I loved the idea and figured I could make something work. I called the hubby and had him pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. I pulled off the breasts and some more meat to save for later and put all the rest of the carcass in the crockpot (skin, bones and all) with about 10 cups of water.

Next, I chopped up a whole yellow onion and threw it in there and some fresh garlic (I might be crazy but I LOVE the smell of fresh garlic!) I also used some thyme, basil, and bay leaves. I set the temp to HIGH just until it was good and bubbly (about an hour) and then I turned it down to LOW for 6 more hours.



When it was done and the meat was falling off the bones it was time to strain it.


I let the broth sit in my stockpot to cool. Then I could skim off the fat layer that developed on the top.

My concoction yielded me about 2 quarts of this yummy broth. I can’t describe how flavorful it is! We like to just drink it but I can’t wait to use it in future recipes.


Have you ever made bone broth? Did you use chicken feet?? I’d like to hear your versions! 🙂

Have a great day!







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