New Project Wednesday – 2/28/17 Woodland Themed Afghan

I’m so excited to share with you the latest project I am embarking on! Since I first started crocheting 2 years ago I have crocheted many hats, shoes, pot holders… you name it, but I have never done a blanket. Well, in this case an afghan… which to me is still a ‘blanket’.

One night I was cruising through all the crochet projects on Pinterest and I ran across a pin of a granny square with a bear applique on it. That pin lead me to this blog (Maria’s Blue Crayon) where she’s posting a crochet-a-long for a woodland themed afghan. She has instructions for the granny squares, has 6 appliques (so far) and she has it all mapped out on how it will look.

Here is my first square. For reference, the block is 7″ x 7″.


The blog has patterns for a bear, moose, owl, fox, hedgehog and a pine tree. I am so anxious for her to post more appliques! I plan to have several blocks with the pine tree but I’m also considering things like a raccoon, deer, rabbit, skunk, chipmunk, robin, beaver, wolf, and maybe a pine cone. There are 31 blocks that will have appliques, so the more diversity the better… I think!

The other 32 blocks will be brown, taupe, cherry and forest green (8 of each color)…



I will keep you updated on my progress. I only have the one block done so far, so it isn’t too late if you want to join in this project with me! 🙂













2 thoughts on “New Project Wednesday – 2/28/17 Woodland Themed Afghan

  1. OMG! That bear is adorable! I would SO love to start another project, but I have a couple of big ones in the works and a couple of “oh yeah .. I have to finish this boring thing too”..
    There are so many cute, beautiful , amazing things.. I dont have enough time or yarn to start them all!!
    Thanks for the link to another project, it will be one I will tackle soon.

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