WIP 3/15/17 Woodland Themed Afghan

Well, I haven’t made any more trips to buy yarn but I did pick up a few supplies so I could attempt (for the first time ever) to block my granny squares. This whole process just doesn’t make sense to me… but I just want to be sure ‘I do things the right way’ making my first blanket.

I spent less than $5.00 for a block of Styrofoam (I left it wrapped in it’s plastic), wooden dowels and clothespins. This is what I came up with to block my squares. For the amount of blocks I was trying to do at once, my dowels were a little too short and I ran out of clothespins… but it worked! I set it in front of our oil stove and the heat blew through the spaces like vents and it wasn’t long until they were all dry. Success! (I’m still not convinced it changed anything though…lol)



The stack above is half of my color squares. Just 16 more to go. I haven’t gotten any of my applique squares blocked yet, but I’ve gotten half of my pine trees crocheted as well as a few new animals. In case you are just joining me, check out my previous blog about this woodland themed afghan by Maria’s Blue Crayon I am making and feel free to join!



You can find most of these appliques on Maria’s website. I made my own mouse (he looks more like a rat?) as well as my own moose. You can find out how I made the moose in my previous blog. As for the Robin, I used this pattern by Kelly DeSandro.

I am eagerly awaiting Maria’s next applique post! I am hoping for a raccoon 🙂

Are you crocheting along with us? What have you gotten done so far? Do you block your work?





3 thoughts on “WIP 3/15/17 Woodland Themed Afghan

  1. These squares are so fun! It is going to be an amazing afghan when it’s all put together. I don’t usually block my work, but I do throw finished projects in the washer (or hand wash if applicable) to get out any stray fur from my cats & dogs. 🙂


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