WIP 08/31/17 Woodland Themed Blanket

Whoo hoo! I have all my granny squares joined now on my Woodland blanket. I still have to add/finish the border but as it is it fits perfectly on top of my queen size bed. I suppose if I add a border wide enough it could drape down the sides… or a simple border and it could be for a double bed. Hmm…



I joined my granny squares using the Cable Stitch. Rather than me trying to explain it, you can find the very helpful YouTube video which I followed here:

It is very easy and I was able to work each block in about 8 minutes.


So as for the border… I am currently working on an idea that I don’t know if it’ll turn out. Fingers crossed!


9 thoughts on “WIP 08/31/17 Woodland Themed Blanket

    1. Thank you! I’m excited about it and am loving that my border idea is working out! 😁 I am about half done but I haven’t gotten to work on it today because my 7 year old waylayed me into making her a crochet doll carrier… my first ‘other’ WIP since I started my blanket, lol.

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