WIP 09/13/17 Woodland Themed Blanket – It’s FINISHED!

It’s FINISHED! Well… it’s been finished about a week or so but I have been busy harvesting my garden and canning like a fool. I still have hundreds of tomatoes and hot peppers I’m not sure what to do with yet… yikes.

Anyways, my Woodland Themed blanket is FINISHED! (Did I already say that?) It only took me approximately 200 hours over 6 months but, hey who’s counting? It turned out awesome! The bulk of my time was spent designing and creating 24 original appliques, each stitched onto their own 7″ by 7″ granny square. I ended up only using 23 of my own patterns on my blanket…. in addition, there are wonderful little pine trees which I made from a pattern I found here.


My extra large afghan turned out to beΒ 84-inches long by 66-inches wide. It will fit a queen, full, or twin size bed (depending on how much is preferred to hang over the edge). Despite it’s large size, the blanket only weighs 4.5 lbs.

The main color is cream, with forest green, dark brown, cherry red and soft taupe granny squares to compliment. I made a buffalo plaid edging in black, burgundy and red to border the blanket and then added a dark gray trim for a nice finishing touch.

If you’re curious how to make plaid, here is a really good video tutorial. πŸ™‚






You can find all of my WOODLAND SERIES applique patterns by following these links:
1) Moose

2) Vintage Camper

3) Cabin

4) Fish

5) Hiker Silhouette

6) Raccoon

7) American Bald Eagle

8) Whitetail Fawn

9) Campfire

10) Beaver

11) Squirrel

12) Bunny Bum

13) Howling Wolf

14) Mouse

15)Β Bluebird on a Branch

16) Red Fox

17) Canoe Silhouette

18) Wildflower & Bee

19) Lake Mountain Trail

20) Snowshoes

21) Bear

22) Owl

23) Cabin Trail Sign

24) Bigfoot Footprint

If you prefer to work your patterns from hard copy, you can purchase inexpensive ready-to-print PDFs from my Etsy Shop. (Thank you for help supporting my crochet habit!)

Now I can finally get to that tall stack of “I want to make this next” projects! I don’t think I will be adventuring into the oversize items again anytime soon…. maybe baby blankets?


Thanks for following along!!


16 thoughts on “WIP 09/13/17 Woodland Themed Blanket – It’s FINISHED!

  1. The cabin pattern #3 is a repeat of the camper. Could this please get fixed and thank you. I cannot wait to make this blanket looks so much fun


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