Hats, Beautiful Hats…

Hello everyone! A couple years ago I attempted making my own women’s newsboy-type hat. It was okay but lacked that ‘pizazz’ and so I just kinda gave up on it. Until now…. I found that ‘pizazz’!

First of all, Country Loom by Loops & Threads. It is a Super Bulky (6) yarn perfect for cold weather projects. I am in love with the Warm Cream color. Second is Homespun by Lion Brand, which is a Bulky (5) yarn. It is so shiny, fuzzy and warm! These two yarns made ALL the difference in how my hats turned out. I’ll show you πŸ™‚

Here’s the first…





Here’s my second hat…



I started these hats with a magic ring, then the typicalΒ  increases to achieve my desired diameter, added more rows to achieve height and then completed the brim and trim. I made each hat with a slightly different style of brim. Next was the band and flower. Again, both flowers are slightly different.

I can’t express how very proud I am and excited that these hats turned out so well!




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