Still More Hats…

It’s been beautiful, Fall weather here in northern Idaho. Unfortunately for the last week I have been fighting nasty sinusitis and unable to go out and enjoy it. My daughter has been begging for us to go out and rake leaves so she can jump in the pile. I felt terrible for having to keep telling her ‘No’ but my migraine and not being able to bend over because of the pain/pressure in my head was killing me. I wasn’t able to crochet for a few days but I am, thank God, slowly getting better. Better enough yesterday to be able to create another of my own design women’s hat!










On another note, Halloween is tomorrow!! In the spirit of Halloween, I made her a nice, warm zombie hat…. haha.






Well, I hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween.

Thanks for reading my posts!! I’m off to get my daughter from school so we can rake some leaves…. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Still More Hats…

  1. I like the hat! I think the brim looks great – gives it a stylish look. The zombie hat is awesome!! The details that you put on it are just fantastic. 😀


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