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Sasquatch Mask Crochet Pattern Finally Up in My Etsy Shop

Hello! I’m finally back…. for now. Sorry for my absence but I’ve been dealing with life lately…. 2 family deaths over the holidays, being sick, and just an over amount of stress  from dealing with personal issues which landed me in the ER a couple of days ago. My potassium is really low (anybody ever had this happen?) so I’ve been taking pills and resting… trying to raise my potassium levels and keep my stress in check. I’m having an echo cardiogram in a couple of days. In the mean time, doctors are still deciding what course of action they want to take with me as I’m still on the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen which a lot of other drugs interact with. UGH!

Well, one of the things I was stressing about was getting the pattern up in my Etsy shop for my Sasquatch Mask. I know some of you have been waiting very patiently. Thank you.


I just couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing… in fact, for a few minutes there I completely forgot even how to crochet. (Very scary!). But I’ve been working on it little bit by little bit and I finally think I got it. When I made my first mask it was with a ‘light’ worsted weight 4 yarn (Lion Brand, Heartland). I decided that for my next mask (testing my pattern) that I would use Caron 1-lb yarn. It turned out a different size… so I tried it again with a different hook size and then when I tried that to make the larger size it was different yet. Anyways, I finally got the pattern straightened out and you can use either the Heartland or the Caron 1-lb, size depends on if you use a J hook or H hook.

I should probably mention, about this pattern, that one of the required yarns is Red Heart Symphony, which is a discontinued yarn, however it can still be easily purchased from private sellers on such places as Ravelry, Etsy, or elsewhere online. It is a worsted weight, 100% brushed acrylic that simulates mohair. You can choose to use other, real, mohair yarn if you wish… such as Signature Victorian Boucle yarn by Halcyon Yarn or Kan Mohair by Ice Yarns.

Thank you for being patient. I’ve been trying to keep up on reading all of your posts 🙂



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