About Me

Hello online world!

I am very happy you found your way to my site!

Let me tell you something about myself!

My name is Lisa Rode (roh-dee) and I live in a little town in northern Idaho. I am married and have a beautiful daughter. I love to craft and cook, so mainly that is what my blog is about… sharing my handmade items, patterns and yummy recipes. I have a few product reviews, as well. I do not get paid for the reviews they are just my thoughts on things I use and either love or hate. Also I will share with you some adventures in my life.

I taught myself to crochet late in 2014 and I haven’t been able to put it down since (except to be a mom, which comes first!)  I tried my hand at sewing, but that talent apparently only belongs to my mother 🙂

Aside from all the items my family has been given and all the items my daughter just has to keep for herself or her dolls, I amassed a fair amount of crocheted items I didn’t know what to do with. I sold a few items here and there and everyone kept telling me ‘You should open an Etsy shop’… so on April 12, 2016 I did!! Check it out here!

I dabbled in making my own patterns a couple of years ago… my first was this baby beanie. Kinda plain but I was sure proud of myself 🙂

My next pattern-creating adventure was making this breast prosthesis after someone in need contacted me, asking if I could. After my own scare with breast cancer, I was happy to try!

The next pattern I created was for my daughter (she was 5 at the time)… this crochet tank dress.

I didn’t do any more of my own crochet patterns until March of 2017 when I started work on my first afghan. I started making my own applique patterns for my blanket, which you can find for free on this blog as well as on Ravelry and for a minimal cost you can purchase copies in .PDF format from my Etsy store!

You can follow me on Pinterest. And Like my Facebook page!  🙂

I love creating things (and cooking!) and I hope you like my blog!

Thank you for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger and come back again!








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